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10 most effective habits to adopt while working from home

Photo by Skyler Gerald on Unsplash


The resurfacing of the pandemic has forced everyone to work from home once again and seeing the circumstances it is best to say that, working from home best and safe option right now.

For some people working from home is like a luxury that we all wanted to enjoy for a very long time, but for some people, it is hard to handle both office work and homework at the same time. While we are working in an office, we are more compelled to complete our work efficiently because of the professional environment, whereas completing the office work might be a little problematic for some as our attention keeps diverting to things like friends, family, and others entertainment sources.

If we keep the pandemic situation aside, remote work is becoming popular without it too. Freelancing, remote work, and virtual jobs are becoming trending and new normal for people, especially for those who want to restart their career or want to have an extra side income source.

Working from home is successful only if you learn to balance both work and the home environment simultaneously. Adaption of few habits might help you complete your work efficiently and effectively.

  1. Designate a fixed working area

So basically what you have to do is find yourself an area in your home that you can call your office. Working from your bed or sofa might not be a great option for your productivity. Designating yourself a working area will give you a sense of professionalism and you will be able to complete your work with more productivity.

2. Dress for the job

Photo by Keren Levand on Unsplash

When we are working from home, we don’t care about what our outfit is, because no one can see us. Surely, working wearing your comfy pajamas might sound appealing, but it can also cause you to be less serious and lethargic with your job. When we are in our comfort zone we are most likely to be less active. So, dressing up for the job might help you to set your mind on a more professional front. It is not necessary to dress up in a suit, but anything that is not pajamas will be enough.

3. Set your plan and routine

Making a strict routine plan for your day is also an important aspect while working from home. Create a routine starting from morning tonight. Decide the definite hours for office work and homework, so that you can switch in between both tasks without getting stressed. Balancing both aspects of your life simultaneously can be a little tiring and can damage your mental as well as physical health, so it is very important to draw a line between both.

4. Take breaks

Make sure to fix your break time while working from home. Just like while working in the office we get breaks, it is also important to get that needed break at home too. Taking a break can rejuvenate your mind and body and also help you in staying concentrated while working. One thing to keep in mind is making sure that the break time is not too long that you lose interest in working, or not too short that you don’t get enough time to rest.

5. Eat healthy and drink enough water

When we are working from home it is possible that our mind gets distracted, and the first thing on that distraction list is food. Eating healthy is as important as taking breaks. Make sure to add green vegetables and fruits to our diet. Of course, we all know about the importance of drinking enough water and we should make sure that we are giving our body enough fuel in the form of water. Make it a habit to keep a water bottle at a designated workplace.

6. Meditate and stretching

Photo by Le Minh Phuong on Unsplash

Most of our work is done while sitting and that can affect various parts of our body, like the back, shoulder, brain, and legs. As we all know meditation is the best remedy to refresh and relax our brain so practicing meditation can be life-saving activity while working from home. While meditation can bring relaxation to our brain, stretching our body parts can help in relaxing our whole body.

7. Avoid family interaction while working

While working avoiding possible interaction with family members or friends will be good. Here, we are not talking about distancing yourself from your family but making sure that you are not getting distracted while working. Ask them to treat you as same as you are working in the office and try to maintain professionalism.

8. Keep your surrounding clean and organized

Working in a clustered and unorganized environment can be a great hindrance to your productivity and cause you to lose interest while working. Make sure to keep your designated working area clean and organized along with the whole house.

9. Try stress-relieving activities

After work is completed try to avoid doing heavy activities, instead relieve your stress with different activities that divert your mind from stress like, listening to music, reading, watching funny videos and movies, cooking, or maybe even dancing.

10. Reward yourself

The reward is necessary when you do a good job. Rewarding yourself with family time or a cup of coffee will be great activity after completing a tiring working day. It will keep you energized and motivated for starting a new day.


Keep these habits as your ultimate plan for productivity and complete your work more efficiently while working from home. It might take time to establish these habits as a regular routine, but consistency will be a great source to help you achieve your goals.

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