How can a virtual assistant help you during pandemic period?

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The covid-19 outbreak has made things around the world unpredictable as almost everything has brought to a sudden pause. Schools, offices, factories, and all the cities are under lockdown to stop the deadly virus from getting escalated. Almost all the companies are forced to resume their work from home.

The schedule of CEOs, business owners, managers, and professionals have become more hectic as in the addition of running an organization or completing their work, they also have to make a high-level decision along with handling day-to-day tasks that have to be taken care of. At a time like this delegation of work at the right level can be very helpful for them.

Traditionally people will hire a personal assistant as a helping hand for themselves, but seeing the circumstances virtual assistant is a more convenient and safe option. A virtual assistant is someone who manages all your administration work professionally. A virtual assistant helps you simplify your work. Let us see the ways a virtual assistant can help you minimize your work pressure during this pandemic period.

  1. Save your time
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Hiring a virtual assistant will help you save valuable time. A virtual assistant can perform a wide level of tasks and have expertise in different areas, which makes them effective and productive. By delegating the tasks that are challenging for you, you can concentrate on the task which shows your strengths, resulting in saving your time from getting stressed and distracted.

2. Multitasking possible

Although one person can’t perform multiple tasks at a time effectively, it is possible to complete two different tasks by two different people. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you complete multiple important tasks at the same time. For instance, take, while you are working on the presentation, your virtual assistant can do thorough research on a specific topic which you will need during the presentation. This way you are completing two works at the same time effectively.

3. Scheduling meetings

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A CEO, manager, business owner, the entrepreneur has their schedule packed with numerous meetings with clients, investors, and colleagues, and because of the pandemic more and more meetings are being held virtually. So the tasks like sending out Google hangout and zoom invites to attendees along with scheduling the timing of these meetings are also tedious tasks, which can be eliminated with the help of a virtual assistant.

4. Online shopping and delivery

Because of the lockdown, grocery shopping has also been hindered, while we all sometimes enjoy doing online shopping it can also be time-consuming. Your virtual assistant can help you save your time by doing your online shopping for you. It is not just grocery shopping a virtual assistant can perform, they can also help you by ordering a cup of coffee or a full meal when you are feeling stressed or want to try your favorite dish.

5. Bookkeeping

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Bookkeeping is an important part of any business and at the same time very time-consuming, but hiring a virtual assistant can relieve you from this task too. A virtual assistant can perform bookkeeping tasks such as, paying bills on time, receiving payments, making sure your bank statement tally the information of your financial statement, and many more tasks.

6. Content and social management

Don’t have time to handle social media platforms and blogs? Well hiring a virtual assistant can help you manage your social media platforms and blogs by uploading blogs regularly, scheduling and publishing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They can also create social media calendar and strategy which can assist in the social growth of your business.

7. Perfect scalability

One thing about hiring a virtual assistant is that they don’t have to be hired permanently. You can hire a virtual assistant as per on a project by project basis, depending on their capabilities and skills. This kind of arrangement makes the process of recruitment easy for the recruiter. There are various websites and platform on the internet nowadays that offers virtual assistant as per your need, you don’t need to interview the client, just convey your needed services and you will get matched with the suitable and professional virtual assistant. Few such platforms are magic, tingting, and The concierge VA.


Hiring a skillful and professional virtual assistant allows you to delegate your time-consuming work and helps to stay focused on important tasks. They will help you balance your work and life which has been juggled because of the pandemic and help you complete your tasks effectively.

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